A Patient Tracking Application for Doctors On-The-Go.

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Key Features

  • Completely Keyboard Friendly ⌨️

    • Prefer the keyboard? VISIT is made to be entirely operable just using our sleek Command Line Interface (CLI) type command system!

  • Patient Profiling 👪

    • Keep all the key patient details like names, addresses and contact information of your patients easily accessible.

  • Visit Tracking 🏠

    • Keep track of the history of past visits by the same patient to provide holistic and personalized healthcare.

  • Reminder System 📆

    • Can’t remember when your next appointment is? VISIT reminds you when your next consultation is.

  • Alias / Macro command support 🔤

    • No need to type the same commands over and over, simply add an alias from within the CLI!

  • Save patient information as a text file 📄

    • VISIT allows you to export and store a patient’s profile in your own file system!

  • Sleek and modern UI 💼

  • Tagging and Search functionality 🔎

  • Cross platform 🖥️

    • Windows, macOS and Linux ready.

How To Use

To run this application, you’ll need Java 11 installed on your computer.
Run the program then, try typing the following commands:

# Adds a Patient with details
$ add n/John Doe p/98765432 e/ a/John street, block 123, #01-01

# Adds a visitation report for patient at position 1 on 12th December 2019
$ addvisit 1 v/12/12/2019

# Find all patients matched to the query 'Betsy'
$ find Betsy

# Schedule an appointment with the patient at position 1 in 4 days
$ followup 1 d/4

# Show the full profile of the patient at position 1
$ profile 1

For other commands, check out our User Guide at here!


You can download the latest installable version of VISIT for Windows, macOS and Linux.

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